Flower Farm SupervisorMary Thies (FF Supervisor)

Mary Thies has been with Otten Bros. since 1989.  Otten Bros. customers know and love Mary!  She is a huge source of information and creativity for many, many people.  She has been a go-to person at Otten Bros. in many areas including annuals and creative containers along with custom wreaths and kissing balls during the holidays.  Now, Mary is the supervisor of the Flower Farm in Delano during the spring season.  She still can be found at Otten Bros. during the holidays helping her customers decorate for Christmas.

Mary Thies

GrowerJeff Busch (Grower)

Jeff Busch came from a family of growers and grew up with a greenhouse in his back yard since the age of five.  Jeff’s family greenhouses sold plants to Otten Bros. initially, until Jeff came to work for Otten Bros. in 2005.  Jeff does all of Otten Bros. growing at our Flower Farm location in Delano. Beautiful hanging baskets, flowers, herbs, succulents, perennials and even poinsettias are just a small selection of what Jeff grows for Otten Bros. to sell throughout the year.   When the cold winter winds are blowing and the snow is piled up high, Jeff can be found in a short sleeved t-shirt, in our the heated greenhouses planting, watering, and pruning the beautiful flowers Otten Bros. sells to you!

Jeff Busch

MikeMike (FF Cat)

HER name is slightly misleading.  No, this was not a case of mistaken gender identity.  Mike was named in honor of a former employee.  Both have a bit of a sassy side and love to chat and chat and chat!

Mike has been chief mouse catcher and general greenhouse watch cat at the Flower Farm for about 8 years.  Although her duties are numerous and tend to keep her up most nights, she is happy to greet customers and welcome them to her home.  She is a bit of a complainer and will be happy to let you know that she doesn’t think she is being paid enough for her around the clock rodent control and security duty.

Napping is, of course, her primary occupation during the day.  Most of the time you will find her curled up near the cash registers monitoring customer purchases or basking in the sun somewhere in the greenhouses.  She does expect to be scratched behind the ears on regular basis or you will definitely hear about it!

RascalRascal (FF Cat)

Rascal is a bit of a recluse and general overall scaredy cat.   Her main job is to patrol the garden center and storage rooms for unwanted visitors.  She, however, leaves the majority of the heavy lifting of rodent control and customer interaction at the Flower Farm to Mike.

Rascal is not much of a social butterfly and tends to hide when customers are around.  You still might be able pet her if you look hard enough.  She does most of her napping hidden behind displays or curled up at the back of shelves.

Some may say she is not pulling her weight and is just freeloading on the company. However, Rascal has been the Flower Farm Mascot well before Otten Bros. purchased the garden center in 2006.   Her years of on the job experience, seniority over Mike and the fact it would be hard for her to find work elsewhere guarantee her a position of rodent catcher for life at the Flower Farm.